Saturday, June 11, 2016

What Is VoIP PBX System Of What Use Can It Be To You?

What is VoIP If you are running a small business, a VoIP PBX is just what you may be lacking to make commendation more efficient. What is VoIP PBX? This probably is the question lingering in your mind right now. The acronym PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, while VoIP stands for Voice over IP. In this regard, the phone basically makes and receives calls over the internet. The calls in this regard are digitized, transmitted over the internet and reassembled at the other side of the transmission line. In addition to calls, this system also allows for the sending and receiving of files. With a VoIP PBX, you can send or receive a file while making a phone call. This makes it not only a more efficient, but also a more cost effective means of communication for both small and large businesses. So, what makes this system more superior?

It Is Mobile

Since the system makes use of the internet, you can just make or receive a call wherever you are, so long as you have a connection to the internet. This makes things much easier and cheaper for those running a multi-national corporation. The PBX system ensures that you have a reliable connection and stable voice quality, even when making international calls. With a PBX system in your business, you will be billed according to the amount of data you have used, rather than per minute.

Flawless Encryption

Over the past few years, security has become a concern for VoIP users. In this regard, the leading VoIP PBX providers are enhancing the security of information shared through these systems. This is mainly done through a flawless encryption. In this regard the information being shared is already digitalized, hence easy to share through a secure phone connection. This feature is particularly beneficial for the businesses that share sensitive data through the phone or need to comply with strict security guidelines.
Whatis VoIP PBX is not an important topic; instead you should be interested in what the system can offer you and your business. With a reliable VoIP PBX provider, you will also enjoy other features like video chatting, conference calling and caller ID.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Tips to Solving Common VoIP Phone Problems

VoIP Phone

Thanks to the VoIP Phone service, an increasing number of companies and businesses are enjoying increased productivity and reduced phone bills. Regardless of the many benefits associated with this phone system, things may go wrong from time to time. In such times you may call the service provider to solve the issue or try the following tips to solve the issue on your own.

Dial Tone without Audio

The presence of a dial tone, but no audio is a problem that is normally related to the forwarding port within the router. If a tone is present, SIP signalling on port 5060 is successful. However, the ports, through which the real audio packets are carried, may be faulty. In most cases, ports 16384 to 16482 are the ones used for this purpose and may be configured appropriately to solve the issue.


If you experience an acoustic echo while using your VoIP Phone, your volume may be too high such that the sound is being picked by the microphone. Lowering the volume may solve this problem.

Absence of the Dial Tone

The absence of a dial tone is a serious issue that is mostly related to the phone. The following are the two main causes of this problem:

  • Router Port Forwarding: In most cases, routers tend to forward UDP ports 5060 to 5090 and 16384 to 1648.  This number may differ from one service provider to another. However, forwarding these ports may solve the no dial tone problem.

  • IP Phone Provisioning: If you purchased the phone directly from your provider, it should be auto-provisioned. If this is not the case, you need to carry out manual provision. In this case, you need to apply the credentials provided by your service provider. After this, you should verify that the VoIP Phone is in registered state, an indication that the authentication was successful.

With the troubleshooting tips mentioned above, you should be able to identify and rectify the problem with your VoIP Phone. Otherwise, you should contact your service provider for assistance.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

A Basic Overview of Mobile VoIP Reseller Hosting.

A good number of VoIP services users across the world would like to know whether their hosting services are offered by the provider or a mobile VoIP reseller. There are various differences between a provider and a reseller. Knowing what makes a reseller different form the provider will help you ascertain whether your web hosting is being done by a reseller or VoIP service provider. Currently, there are many developers, web design companies and system integrators that are offering web hosting services to their clients an add-on to their provided services. A good number of the start-up companies are offering services that may be purchased via their mobile VoIP reseller programs. So, what differentiates resellers from providers?

Price Levels
One of the main things that make the providers distinct from resellers is the price levels. Basically, different companies charge varying price levels for their services. Such levels will mainly depend on the amount of space one is purchasing. If you enter into a mobile VoIP reseller program, you can make price plans as you deem best for your services. The price levels, in this case, can be dramatically different from what the server owner will charge individual owners.

Level of Operation
In most cases, it is the resellers that deal with end clients. However, there are cases where the panels and the web hosting do not indicate the owner of the server. In such a case, the server is customized for the mobile VoIP reseller. However, it is the data centre that handles the hardware and network infrastructure needs. In other cases, the server owner may also provide the reseller with billing systems, template, twenty-four hour support and control panel templates.

Regardless of whether you are purchasing your VoIP services form a provider or a mobile VoIP reseller, you should ensure that you get the right value for your money.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Stay On the Safe Side While Adopting Hosted VoIP Phone Systems

Adopting a VoIP phone system is a wise decision, with regards to saving money on phone bills for your business/ company. In some cases, such a shift may also lead to a myriad of problems, such as call quality and security problems. Solving such problems on your new phone system is comparatively easy. However, you just cannot approach the problems the same way you would approach landline phone problems. Here are some dos and doughnuts to ensure that you are on the safe side while making the shift.
voip phone

Make use of Authentication Protocols
In its functioning, the VoIP phone system compresses the communication data and then sends it over the internet. This increases the chances of having such data stolen by hackers. While there is no fool-proof method of securing this data, applying an authentication method that is password-protected will lower the chances of such data leaking.

Avoid Closed Standards IVR
The reason you should avoid these VoIP systems is that they are limited to certain types of technology. Purchasing such a system will limit the number of end points that may be integrated into your phone system. The solution, in this case, will be to purchase new equipment, which will cost more.

Purchase Call Quality Software
The various VoIP systems are susceptible to a myriad of quality problems. Using modern software with the system can help alleviate such problems and prevent their recurrence . Jittering is one of the problems that may be solved this way.

The simple things mentioned above can save you money in repair and maintenance costs and ensue that your VoIP phone system is running efficiently at all times. Although some of the superior providers will carry out some of these procedures for their clients, it is still vital that you know the procedures.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Becoming a Successful Mobile VoIP Reseller

Mobile VoIP Reseller

If you are looking forward to becoming a Mobile VoIP Reseller, there are various things that you need to put into consideration for you to be successful. This is mainly because not all the reseller programs are the same. To succeed in this business, you need to get a program that is ideal. Here are some guidelines on how to do this.

Understand the Service:
If you are to become a successful Mobile VoIP Reseller, a basic understanding of how the VoIP system works is essential. Additionally, you also need to understand the applications that are commonly used with the system, what gateways are and the interaction between the gateways and voice switches. If you do not have this basic knowledge, you should consider educating yourself before venturing into the Mobile VoIP Reseller business.

Decide on the Service You Would Like To Resell:
After you have decided on the application you would like to resell, the next step is to get a reliable VoIP provider offering a good reselling program. In this regard, you will need to look for qualities like customer support, reliability, rates offered and private labelling options. Additionally, you will also need to check whether you are the one who will be handling the billing and payments or it is the supplier. The leading Mobile VoIP Resellers are ready and willing to work with serious people who can think for themselves. If you are serious about this venture, you should consider approaching your Preferred Supplier and ask any question you would like them to clarify.

Becoming a Mobile VoIP Reseller is not only a wise career choice, but also a great way to make a living.  If this is what you are aspiring to do, the above guidelines will help you select the most appropriate reseller program.

Friday, April 29, 2016

VoIP or PC to Phone VoIP

PC to phone is a choice for all VoIP users so that they can turn any PC or Laptop into a full-functioning Telephone.
PC to Phone VoIP

With New Youth Phone free PC to phone software, you can make calls to any phone in the world using your computer with the lowest price and make free calls to other VoIP users who use VoIP. Simply download our free software to your Laptop From πŸ‘‰ Click here, PC you will be able to make PC to phone calls to any phone from any high-speed / Wi-Fi location on the Earth - no equipment needed. Just use your Headset, it's very simple.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Pinless Calling Card Telecommunication Business

The Pinless Calling and Pinless Calling Card business is one of the most common business models in the telecommunication industry.

The essence of Pinless is to creatively segment customers by various demographic or behavioral characteristics and to design calling cards offerings to meet their specific calling needs. The calling cards business typically attracts entrepreneurs who want to enter new market, businesses with established retail distribution channels, and service providers who want to diversify their revenue streams.

What is a Pinless Calling Card business?

A Calling Card business is a popular kind of activity in the VoIP sphere. The Calling Card platform allows one to provide subscribers with international or long distance calls via a VoIP Network. This business sector is attractive for VoIP Newcomers.

Nowadays, Internet Telecommunications services are highly developed. Lots of applications are available for making calls but due to calling cards, customers can make calls from any phone so it is not necessary to have Internet connection for making calls. That’s why the Calling Card business has remained popular so far.

Our International Pinless Calling Card will give you a lot of Benefits. Please visit our sea our Pinless Calling Card Feature & Benefits. Click here πŸ‘‰ πŸ“±New Youth Phone In.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

VoIP Service Providers

What is VoIP?

VoIP (which stands for "Voice Over Internet Protocol" and is commonly referred to simply as an internet phone) is a highly cost effective and reliable way for businesses or even homeowners to make calls across the world or even just across town. The majority of major cable companies that offer bundled internet, television, and phone services already utilize this newer technology, but there are tons of other independent companies that specialize in providing this service to their customers at reasonable rates and with tons of extra features.


What to Look for in a VoIP Provider?

The world is getting more and more interconnected with each year as we keep marching forward into this internet age. Because of that, international calling is going to continue becoming more important for all sorts of businesses. Every VoIP provider is going to have varied plans based on different needs such as countries allowed, the amount of minutes given in a month, and whether or not the customer is willing to sign a long term contract or not. Finding the right VoIP service provider for your specific needs can be difficult, as you'll need to look at a variety of different metrics. Let's see specifically what to look at to determine if a VoIP provider is good for you.

While many of the VoIP Services Provider are similar at a quick glance and often offer some of the same basic features, the extra features they offer is where a savvy business can really increase the value of their investment.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The IP Phone or IP Telephone Support

IP Phones are sometimes called VoIP Phones, SIP phones or Soft-Phones. These are just different names for a device/software client that is designed to support the transmission of voice over the internet or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Technology.


IP Phones come in several types. Learn more about the different kinds of IP phones. The most popular IP Phones are supported by 3CX Phone System for Windows. Information on which IP Phones are supported by the 3CX Phone System can be found on our support page.

SIP Phones / VoIP Phones come in several versions and types:

VoIP Phones can be basic programming based softphones or reason manufactured equipment gadgets that seem much like a customary phone or a cordless telephone. Conventional PSTN phones are utilized as VoIP phones with simple phone connectors.

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Monday, March 14, 2016

What is Internet Calling & How Dose It Works

Internet Calling is frequently called VoIP, which remains for 'Voice over Internet Protocol'. It gives you a chance to make Voice Calls over the Internet. You can utilize VoIP on all Pay month to month groups. VoIP is additionally accessible on Pay as you go.

So, we specified that you have admittance to Internet on your Smart Phone. You can use that for Calling and Texting all over the place. With Internet Calling you can talk and content over Wi-Fi when your phone scope is feeble or not accessible. For instance, some indoor areas might be hard for even a solid cell sign to reach. Presently, with an Internet association, you can talk and content in those difficult to-achieve places. Internet Calling is anything but difficult to Set-Up and Use. When you set up Internet Calling, your telephone naturally distinguishes when to utilize it. Internet Calling is just utilized if your phone scope is powerless or not accessible.

When you set up Internet Calling on your telephone, you'll have the capacity to appreciate the advantages. Simply take after the progressions in your telephone's settings to begin. To make a free call using an Internet telephone, you may need to download free Phone Call Software or utilize a Soft Phone from an Internet telephone supplier site. There are numerous applications that can introduce on your advanced cell and you can use them for Internet Calling.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Mobile Dialer

Mobile Dialer is a high performance Dialer.
Shoddy global calls from your Mobile Phone.

Mobile Dialer is a service that enables you as a client to be available to use this software, which present phone Dialer which gives them an opportunity to make calls from their PC using earphones and an internet connection.

Monday, February 22, 2016

VoIP Reseller

Managing multiple customers operating under your supervision, the VoIP Reseller provides may be addressed from its own name without mentioning any other service providers.

We understand the needs of resellers, VoIP service providers and startups, move in quickly to fulfill them.

VoIP Reseller starts to be a carrier himself by dint of positioning his business as a provider of the complete list of services beginning with equipment installation and configuration, then providing a powerful online billing system and completing by connection to his "own" communication system.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Pinless Calling

The essence of Pinless Calling is to creatively segment customers by various demographic or behavioral characteristics and to design calling cards offerings to meet their specific calling needs.

The purpose of the app is to simplify the process. A user, instead of dialing the access number and then providing a PIN and destination number, only taps on a number in contacts or enters a destination number in the dialpad and then the app itself connects to the access number, then dials the PIN (provided by a user in the app settings) and the destination number. In the case of Pinless Calling the process is even shorter.The Call through functionality can be integrated into VoIP or RCS soft phones. For example, when an internet connection is not available calls will be automatically connected via the calling card service.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

IP Phone

There are numerous advantages to IP phones over the more customary sort of phones. One clear favorable position for Business is that IP phones give a larger number of components than customary telephones.

Even IP video conferencing, which is often seen as a benefit for businesses, can be very useful and fun for either relatives or friends sharing important news, key events or holding an important discussion. Even on a smaller scale, video calling is a great advantage for personal or business use. A web-cam lets the participants in a call see the others and talk at the same time over an IP phone.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Best PC2Phone Service

Call anyone, anywhere from your PC with PC2Phone service.

 Our PC to phone solution comes with excellent features & quality and works from any block or unblock country. Calls to anywhere in the world from your PC using and enjoy premium call quality and save money! Sign up with us now There are no monthly maintenance fees or set-up costs on PC2PHONE account.