Sunday, May 22, 2016

Stay On the Safe Side While Adopting Hosted VoIP Phone Systems

Adopting a VoIP phone system is a wise decision, with regards to saving money on phone bills for your business/ company. In some cases, such a shift may also lead to a myriad of problems, such as call quality and security problems. Solving such problems on your new phone system is comparatively easy. However, you just cannot approach the problems the same way you would approach landline phone problems. Here are some dos and doughnuts to ensure that you are on the safe side while making the shift.
voip phone

Make use of Authentication Protocols
In its functioning, the VoIP phone system compresses the communication data and then sends it over the internet. This increases the chances of having such data stolen by hackers. While there is no fool-proof method of securing this data, applying an authentication method that is password-protected will lower the chances of such data leaking.

Avoid Closed Standards IVR
The reason you should avoid these VoIP systems is that they are limited to certain types of technology. Purchasing such a system will limit the number of end points that may be integrated into your phone system. The solution, in this case, will be to purchase new equipment, which will cost more.

Purchase Call Quality Software
The various VoIP systems are susceptible to a myriad of quality problems. Using modern software with the system can help alleviate such problems and prevent their recurrence . Jittering is one of the problems that may be solved this way.

The simple things mentioned above can save you money in repair and maintenance costs and ensue that your VoIP phone system is running efficiently at all times. Although some of the superior providers will carry out some of these procedures for their clients, it is still vital that you know the procedures.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Becoming a Successful Mobile VoIP Reseller

Mobile VoIP Reseller

If you are looking forward to becoming a Mobile VoIP Reseller, there are various things that you need to put into consideration for you to be successful. This is mainly because not all the reseller programs are the same. To succeed in this business, you need to get a program that is ideal. Here are some guidelines on how to do this.

Understand the Service:
If you are to become a successful Mobile VoIP Reseller, a basic understanding of how the VoIP system works is essential. Additionally, you also need to understand the applications that are commonly used with the system, what gateways are and the interaction between the gateways and voice switches. If you do not have this basic knowledge, you should consider educating yourself before venturing into the Mobile VoIP Reseller business.

Decide on the Service You Would Like To Resell:
After you have decided on the application you would like to resell, the next step is to get a reliable VoIP provider offering a good reselling program. In this regard, you will need to look for qualities like customer support, reliability, rates offered and private labelling options. Additionally, you will also need to check whether you are the one who will be handling the billing and payments or it is the supplier. The leading Mobile VoIP Resellers are ready and willing to work with serious people who can think for themselves. If you are serious about this venture, you should consider approaching your Preferred Supplier and ask any question you would like them to clarify.

Becoming a Mobile VoIP Reseller is not only a wise career choice, but also a great way to make a living.  If this is what you are aspiring to do, the above guidelines will help you select the most appropriate reseller program.