Saturday, June 4, 2016

A Basic Overview of Mobile VoIP Reseller Hosting.

A good number of VoIP services users across the world would like to know whether their hosting services are offered by the provider or a mobile VoIP reseller. There are various differences between a provider and a reseller. Knowing what makes a reseller different form the provider will help you ascertain whether your web hosting is being done by a reseller or VoIP service provider. Currently, there are many developers, web design companies and system integrators that are offering web hosting services to their clients an add-on to their provided services. A good number of the start-up companies are offering services that may be purchased via their mobile VoIP reseller programs. So, what differentiates resellers from providers?

Price Levels
One of the main things that make the providers distinct from resellers is the price levels. Basically, different companies charge varying price levels for their services. Such levels will mainly depend on the amount of space one is purchasing. If you enter into a mobile VoIP reseller program, you can make price plans as you deem best for your services. The price levels, in this case, can be dramatically different from what the server owner will charge individual owners.

Level of Operation
In most cases, it is the resellers that deal with end clients. However, there are cases where the panels and the web hosting do not indicate the owner of the server. In such a case, the server is customized for the mobile VoIP reseller. However, it is the data centre that handles the hardware and network infrastructure needs. In other cases, the server owner may also provide the reseller with billing systems, template, twenty-four hour support and control panel templates.

Regardless of whether you are purchasing your VoIP services form a provider or a mobile VoIP reseller, you should ensure that you get the right value for your money.

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